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Sponsorship agreement

By submitting this agreement, the Company (herin after referred to as “Sponsor”) agrees to the details as presented and understands the financial responsibilities of the sponsorship.

Logos will be added to the Living Arts website and other promotional materials as soon as agreements are in place and usable images are provided. Please call 313.841.4765 with any questions.

If paying by check remit payment to: Living Arts Tax ID: 43-1950379 Address: 8701 W. Vernor Hwy Ste. 301 Detroit, MI 48209

Sponsorship Level: *
1. Provide logos, marks, and names in a scalable, high resolution and web resolution graphics format as soon as possible after this agreement is signed. 2. Reasonably promote/advertise the Sponsorship using Sponsor's existing email lists, website, and other channels at your discretion. 3. Pay sponsorship commitment by 3/31/19, which shall be fully refundable if the event is cancelled. 4. Provide the following information for each attendee receiving complimentary admission to Alissa Novoselick no later than 3/31/19: 1. First and Last Name, 2. Organization, 3. Address, 4. Phone, and 5. Email.

Payment Information

Payment to: Living Arts, 8701 W. Vernor, Ste. 301, Detroit MI, 48209, Tax ID: 43-1950379