Share Your Living Arts Story

As we prepare to celebrate our 20th anniversary year, we want to hear your Living Arts story! Do you have a memory from a class, of a particular teaching artist, or a milestone moment? Are you a — current or former — student, parent, teaching artist, supporter, educator, or community partner? We’d love to hear from you.

If so, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and indicate if you would like to be contacted for further information. Photos and videos are encouraged and can be shared directly with with Julie Brunzell, Director of Administration, at Thank you and cheers to 20 years, together!


“Living Arts is important because it helps youth by exposure to the arts, develop leadership skills, creativity, develop early learning skills, and improve academically. Living Arts brings families and the community together by the annual showcase they put on every year to show what the youth have been learning. The Teatro Chico events unite the community to showcase different artistic talents of the talented teaching artists or youth involved with Living Arts.”

— Angela Galaviz, Parent and Board Member


“There was a student that never did any work in class and just sat there, and the teacher accepted that. When we came in, for some reason, he caught the bug of writing songs, When the class broke into groups, he was leading the group, delegating responsibilities, and making sure people are going to be on time at the studio. On the day that they were to go to the studio, he came to class in a tie carrying a briefcase with his lyrics inside. He was one of the only kids that had his verse memorized and he very clearly was polished and rehearsed. The teacher was surprised. This experience gave him the opportunity to be excellent to other people in something. He took pride in this exercise and it changed other students' perception of him.”

— Sterling Toles, Teaching Artist


“Living Arts is centered in their community and engages in collaboration.  They truly aim to have representation in their structure of the folks who actually live in the community they serve.  As the Detroit Wolf Trap affiliate in particular this is a very important key value for them and for us.  To engage actively as a part of the community bringing the value of the arts and arts education has a positive impact on the educational success of children, families and educators living and working there.” 

— Akua Kouyate-Tate, Vice President, Education,  Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts

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