Teaching Artists

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Stephanie Howells

Stephanie is a visual artist and educator with a focus on the healing arts. Stephanie has a BA in Psychology and Art minor from Wayne State University. She began working with youth in 2009 as a group facilitator with the Sandcastles Grief Support Program and as an art counselor with the Rosa Parks Youth Program run out of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Stephanie began teaching with Living Arts in 2013 and later, with Pewabic Pottery. As a teaching artist, Stephanie works with both In-School and Out-of-School programing. Her in-school residencies are based on a STEAM informed approach, particularly science and art. Her out-of-school classes focus on a range of 2D and 3D visual arts.

As off-site teacher with Pewabic, Stephanie facilitates art making at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. She works with teenagers in the foster care system and previously worked with incarcerated youth.

Regardless of the context in which Stephanie is teaching, her intention is to cultivate a space for young people explore themselves and the world with curiosity and love.